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Upcoming Events

The Engineering General Practitioners Group (EGP) is dedicated to providing regular Events for its members. Here's a glimpse of what's on the horizon, including our recurring event:


Monthly Webinars
EGP organises diverse monthly presentations aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of its members. If you have an idea for a presentation or wish to deliver one, please let us know. Topics can range from emerging technologies in engineering to project management strategies and beyond.

Recurring Event:

Coffee Catch-Ups and Night Networking: EGP hosts casual coffee catch-ups and Nighttime Networking opportunities on a regular basis. These informal gatherings provide an ideal platform for members to network, exchange ideas, and discuss industry trends in a relaxed setting. Whether you're seeking mentorship, collaboration opportunities, or simply a friendly chat with fellow practitioners, our coffee catch-ups offer a welcoming environment for all.

Current Locations we have for our Coffee Catch-Ups and Nighttime Networking:

  • Hamilton

  • Northshore 

  • Kapiti Coast

  • Whangarei

  • Christchurch

If you don't see your local area included in this list, please get in touch with us and we would love to organise one in your area with you.

No events at the moment
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